The Parish Church

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The Parish Church of Schloss Hotel Mailberg: A jewel of the Romantic and Baroque Ages

Today, the church of the Schloss Hotel Mailberg also serves as parish church of the parish Mailberg. Built as a Gothic hall church, the church got its Baroque style in 1609. It is dedicated to the patron of the ‘Souvereign Maltese Knight Order’ – Saint John. Since its renovation in the year 2007  the church radiates with new splendou.

Baroque art in the Weinviertel region

The Baroque high altar originates from the well-known Viennese sculptor Adam Pierar and holds relics of the Holy John. The altar piece is a work of the Viennese artist Joseph Biedermann. It pictures a unique motive in Austria: John the Baptist is high above the island of Malta and asks the Holy Trinity for protection of the Order’s fleet, which starts for Lepanto, where they had a naval battle against Turkey in 1571. In the shrine of the late Baroque canopy altar one can admire the image of baby Jesus of Prague.

Baby Jesus of Prague

Baby Jesus of Prague’ is a worshipped wax figure with a size of 45 cm, which is located in the church ‘Maria vom Siege’ in Prague since 1628. The figure represents Jesus with three years of age and is the  destination of many pilgrimages , as intercessions with this wax figure are said to have caused several miracles and cures. 

According to a traditional custom one has to give the child clothes. 20 of the approximately 100 precious clothes were presents of the Empress Maria Theresia.

The famous, restored Mailberg Silberbauer Organ is the treasure of the church’s gallery.

Religious mass and Weddings at the Parish Church Mailberg

The church of the Schloss Mailberg is accessible every day from 08:00am until 06:00pm.

Please find the timetable of Church Services here.

The Baroque church of the Schlosshotel Mailberg in the Weinviertel region is the ideal location for romantic weddings and ceremony.